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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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expensive. it's not because of degreedy landlords or gentrification, it's mostly because of politicians. that's hour show. see you next week. hello everybody. i'm lou dobbs. president obama's controversial trade of five guantanamo bay detainees in exchange for army sergeant bowe bergdahl got a lot more troubling this week. the u.s. military charging bergdahl with one count of desertion and one count of misbehavior before the enemy, charges carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison. also ahead, the u.s. military officially working for iran. the u.s. led coalition in iraq carrying out air strikes now over the city of tikrit where iranian led forces are engaged
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on a stalled battle to retake the city from the islamic state. we take it all up with major general robert scales. and it turns out that the president's relationship where the israeli prime minister could hardly worsen. according to the "wall street journal," israel spied on talks with iran. the white house, as you might expect wasn't pleased. republicans strategist karl rove joins us to talk about the president's latest clash with our key ally in the middle east and the entry of the first candidate for his party's nomination for 2016. we begin now with the president's crumbling foreign policy. the charges against bowe bergdahl and the taliban s.w.a.t. not the only reversals today for the administration. yemen is on the verge of collapse with its president fleeing while the rebels advance on aiden. in washington, d.c. the president decline toes meet with
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nato secretary general even as europe and nato nations are faced with growing threats from russia. and an incredible development in iraq where the pentagon is now supporting the iranian-led offensive in iraq, the president authorizationing air strikes against the islamic state in the battle for tikrit which is now not going well for the iranians. as with the deadline for an agreement approaching the iranian nuclear talks auto look to be at an impasse. the islamic republic has reportly refused to put any nuclear arms agreement down on paper. that's right. even if the iranians were to agree to a deal they say there would be nothing on paper. simply trust them. joining us tonight to assess all of this fox news military analyst retired major general robert scales. general, good to have you with us. >> hi lou. >> let's begin with tikrit and
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the united states now entering the fray with air support ground support for the iranian-led offensive that is stalled in tikrit. what do you make of this? >> as you know, the forces have been stalled for about a week behalf. that's the iranian shia militia has been stalled for a week and a half outside of tikrit. and the u.s. realizes they're not going anywhere. the ieds, the ambushes the small arms fire from the city are keeping them out of the city. the close support that the iraqi iraqis tried to provide has been ineffectual. so they're left with a choice. we can either spry to support them with air power so maybe they can take tikrit. i don't think they will. if they don't take tikrit they sure as heck can't take mosul. the problem is if this succeeds, where does the credit go? it goes to general mani and --
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what a mess, lou. i can't believe this. >> what are our generals doing? it's one thing to have an administration that hasn't gotten lucky in foreign policy in six years. but the reality here is our generals, our pentagon the general staff, what are they saying to the president to watch this -- i mean, it is a -- if it were not so devastating to the interests of the united states, you would call it farcical. >> i do know that the generals as you call them, the u.s. command the u.s. advisory force in iraq advised against air power for tikrit. it just doesn't make any sense. not only that, can you imagine what would happen if a god forbid an american pilot got shot down over tikrit? >> personally, yes, i can, and i'm sure millions of americans can, as well. >> yeah. you parachute between two enemies. the iranians are high fiving each other. you know the sensitivity.
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you just mentioned it. and that's this iranian nuclear deal that everybody is tiptoeing around. and so the iranians, the force are being treated with kid gloves. >> i want you, if you will to repeat what you said about the council of the generals and admirals to this president on use of air power in tikrit in support of the iranian offensive that's going, as you know nowhere. >> yeah. i don't think this is going to work. the -- you know, if isis -- it's all in for isis in tikrit. they're not going to give up that city without a huge fight. sure, air power, american air power will probably cause more damage, but at the end of the day, the force and the shia militia have to work there way into that city. and if you've seen the news reels of how these guys are maneuvering into that city, it looks like cox's army. if they take it that's a good thing. if they don't take it they're
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never going to march on to mosul. here is the thing lou. if they don't take tikrit and mosul, we're looking at two different iraqs. a shia iraq and a sunni iraq and none of that can be in our best interests. particularly if the sunni iraq becomes part of the isis state. it's all a dog's breakfast. >> and the generals advised the president not to use air power. >> yes. that's been the consensus sure. >> let's turn to yemen where things are no better for the interests. the region the president of yemen fleeing. >> yeah. >> the country has collapsed. and the other question is, how long will this be a civil war now? >> well, i think it already is a civil war. but i think the thing that bothers me most is what we have lost in yemen. look, my heart goes out to the yemenis fighting for their lives, but at the end of the day, this is about the united states. what did we give the forces?
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well, we've given them a sanctuary to build bombs to blow up american and european airliners. we've given up classified documents cia documents that tell the full story of our secret incursions in yemen. we've given up our drone base in yemen that used to be very valuable for attacking the yemeni insurgents. again, it's a total disaster. >> i understand why you've used the expression given up but we've been driven from them. >> oh, absolutely. i say we. the government is gone. the minister of defense is escaping by boat. but what bothers me though, is what we've given up classified documents for our ability to put special operating forces of the ground, our ability to put drones on the target to watch these guys. no yemen has become a sanctuary much like afghanistan was prior to 9/11 and the consequences of that are going to be dire for
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this country as well as yemen. >> major general robert scales, retired. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. up next the race is on. senator ted cruz officially the first candidate to enter the race for his party's nominations to be president in 2016. karl rove on his chances, and much more next. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry.
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we begin with reports of israel spying on the nuclear negotiations with iran. a senior u.s. official telling "the wall street journal," quote, it is one thing for the israel and u.s. to spy on each other. it is another thing for israel to steal u.s. vooet secrets and play them back to u.s. ledge i didn't tellis laters to undermine u.s. diplomacy. >> i was shocked by the fact that there were reports in this press article that information was being passed on from the israelis to members of congress. i'm not aware of that at all. >> joining us tonight, republican strategist adviser
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to president george w. bush fox news political analyst karl rove. good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. >> we have a lot to talk about in the republican party, but first, these charges of israelis spying on those negotiations, is this just simply a spite petulance on the part of this administration with netanyahu? >> oh yeah. >> you're positive? >> absolutely. absolutely. look we would expect the israelis to be trying to understand what is going on in the minds of the iranians. we helped them build a sophisticated capacity to intercept and monitor iranian communications. the idea that they're getting this by monitoring the u.s. is probably laughable. they're getting this by monitoring the iranians and the iranian conversations. and it is petulance. i used a good word for the white house to engage in this. we, the united states, try and
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monitor israeli communications. we should not be surprised that they're trying to monitor the communications of the iranians about these negotiations. and for them to go to the "wall street journal" and lay this out and start wagging their finger at the israelis and make the claim that secret information was taken from the united states and given to members of congress is beyond the pale and, look even if it were true, what good is to be gained by this? better to play this card in private than to make the accusation in public, particularly when it's so ill supported. >> well ill supported, but it also makes very clear that the way in which the administration learned that israel was spying was through spying on israel. >> right. >> one would think that it would be very clear to this administration that that was not exactly the way to have this unfold. they're making charges of spying, confessing to their own sin and secondly wouldn't the cia and massod and he ever other
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intelligent agency want to know not only what the iranians are saying but what the russians are saying and the chinese? >> sure. now, this is a problem, but i hope it doesn't over-shadow another problem that the administration created today by the statements on the white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough at a conference in washington d.c. in which he called for an end to the 50-year occupation of the palestinian territories by israel. this is inflammatory language. he called exclusively for a return to the 1967 borders which are urchb tenable for the security of israel and which the united states has heretofore refused to endorse and we have the administration and the newspapers and the media backgrounding and threatening not to support the israelis with our veto at the united nations. so, you know, this is part -- you know, the penalty went to the eavesdropping, but we ought to be looking at the sum and substance of the administration's approach. and for mcdonough to go out and
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to the applause of a bunch of liberals to call for the quote occupation to use language that is way beyond what's been acceptable to the united states before. >> beyond what is acceptable to the united states, but perhaps -- i was going to say secondly but primarily it's clear that the chief of the staff of the white house would be saying that advisedly, intentionally insulting the israelis, wouldn't you agree? >> yeah. just deliberately. this does not happen by accident. he said to the president, mr. president we're in this offensive against netanyahu. i'm going to go to that conference and why don't i just kick him in the teeth by calling for the end of the occupation? i can it being played out. the president is surrounded by people who do want challenge him. do want say mr. president, this is childish. act like an adult. instead, they feed it. let's turn to the republican race. the first candidate has announced for his party's
5:17 am
nomination, senator ted cruz making his announcement, a big splash. "the wall street journal" not necessarily applauding, but others doing so. with your. op ed in the journal talking about the high price of presidential politics, this is going to be a daunting task for any but the vary moneyed, right? >> or those that are able to collect money. the cruz people went out and they were explicit, we're going to raise $50 million, $10 million from online $10 million from mail, the balance from phone calls by the candidate. that was a pretty good strong marker. now let's see if they can live up to it. you're returning for approximately, there will be 132, 133 million people that vote in the general election. there will be probably several million 25 million people vote in all the republican primaries. it's an expensive deal. and to ante up, if you look at the cost of the first four
5:18 am
primaries four weeks of television costs $16 million. so you're talking about having to have $20 million or so to fight those four primaries plus the cost of getting from here to there moving your candidate around for the next, you know, seven eight, nine months before you get into the campaign season in iowa. >> it's clear that senator cruz is staking out a populous position, a strok, full spectrum conservative position. do you think that is a proper strategy for him? >> well, i think he's playing -- he wants to be the full spectrum conservative, but the first move was to go to liberty university. he looked at iowa and sees in 2012, a 5% of the caucus goers were self-identified social conservatives. he went to liberty university in order to be a, the first so he could get seven to ten days worth of conversation before
5:19 am
everybody else started going and second of all so he could talk about his faith his father's faith and to do so in a place that was comfortable in order to lay claim to the social conservative. he needs to be able to get a ticket out of iowa by doing well and the way to do that is to emphasize the social conservativism. i think we'll see likely the full spectrum conservativism elsewhere. the right now, give me some momentum in iowa just like scott walker received with his speech there earlier this year. >> as we wrap up here, do you think it was a smart strategy to come out first and declare? >> i think it was smart to get the attention but let's just say that you know the history has not been kind to the first person who announces, either republican or democrat. they traditionally don't do well. i think it's probably more anl accident in history than an impression. but i thought it was a smart move by him to do what he did
5:20 am
which was get out first, go to a place where you're guaranteed a big crowd that's going to cheer you and then perform the best way you perform which is give a substantial speech don't take a lot of questions. he's a debater at princeton. he's really smart. and he knows he's in that second tier. how do i get into the first tier? by grabbing the label that allows me to get a shot at iowa. >> and by the way, i think we should point out that history hasn't been kind to the last strand either, since 2004. >> you bet. >> thanks for being with us. you bet. up next new accusations lobbed at israel from the obama administration. once again, the president appears to be in the wrong. my commentary is coming up.
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a few thoughts tonight about our relationship with israel and the nastiness that the obama white house is trying to heap on our key ally in the middle east. everybody gets that obama has no use for netanyahu and likely vice versa. although netanyahu has never been quoted running down the president or calling him names. now we're reliably informed by "the wall street journal" the obama white house has informed the journal israel has been spying on nuclear talks. "the wall street journal" reporting a senior u.s. official complained israel not only spied on those closed-door negotiations among the united states, france, the uk china russia and iran, but then also shared what the officials stole and knew as secret with the u.s. congress. i for one however, would think sharing those u.s. secrets with the u.s. congress shouldn't cause the administration to be
5:26 am
overcome by apoe plexy. as for the charge that israel was spying my only one was why would the israelis not spy on that group of negotiateses? iran, hard lay friend of israel. neither for that matter, is russia or china. why would mr. obama's folks be so arrogant to think israel was spying on just the united states? frankly, that they would be derelict if it wasn't spying on those countries. those five countries, after all dealing with the great sponsor of terrorism working against the interest of the west. mr. obama's state department calling the story absurd despite the fact that it appears to be fed and packaged entirely by the white house. >> we continue and we will continue our close military intelligence and security cooperation of israel. that has not changed. and without giving any merit to the claims in the story, i do want to be clear that it's an
5:27 am
absurd notion that congress would have to rely on any foreign government to gain insight into the nuclear negotiations with iran. >> president obama declining to comment specifically on reports of spying, instead, defending the nuclear negotiations. >> we have not just briefed congress about the progress or lack thereof that's being made, but we also briefed the israelis. and our other partners in the region and around the world. and if, in fact, an agreement is arrived at that we feel confident will prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, it's going to be there for everybody to see. there will be, i think, transparency in the whole process. >> all said with a straight face. the president and his administration refusing, however, to involve the leaders of both parties of congress in these negotiations all of this following an arc of you a authoritarianism that is building on the abuse of power,
5:28 am
whether it's the internal revenue service, the justice department, atf or the state department. we can only hope there is sufficient integrity and strength of character remaining in the house and senate to stop this administration's embarrassing and reckless conduct, further negotiating with the terrorist nation and packaging up stories to leak to the mainstream media in the hope of embarrassing an ally. the embarrassment, by the way, should belong to the obama white house because, in leaking this story to the media, the white house revealed the united states was also spying. on our good friends at israel's capital. now the quotation of the evening, this from former british prime minister winston churchill who said, quote, there is only one thing worse than fighting with allies and that is fighting with us. we're coming right back. iran establishing power across the region. does mr. obama intend that iran have a nuclear weapon?
5:29 am
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367 members of the house have sent a letter to president obama stating their concerns about a potential iranian nuclear deal being negotiated by the administration, saying in part, coat, we remain hopeful that a diplomatic solution preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon may yet be reached and we want to work with you to assure such results. the letter does not mention the
5:33 am
constitution's treaty clause that requires senate approval for an agreement to be binding. the concern was detailed in the letter sent by 47 republican senators. joining us tonight, mark dubowitz director of the foundation of defense for democracy. good to have you back with us. >> thank you. >> let's start, if we may, what's happened in denmark and the threat the clear threat, from the russian government vladimir putin making it clear through his ambassador that denmark's participation in the european mission shield would make their warships targets of russian nuclear missiles. your reaction? >> if putin continues to provoke and he provokes because he realizes that there's going to be no price for these continuous provocations. he is fighting a war and he's in the ukraine, he has annexed crimea, he has threatened other european countries and all he's
5:34 am
been hit with are a number of sanctions that may have been somewhat painful. but for putin this is about rebuilding the russian empire and this is about russian nationalism. and he sees in the white house a president who began with a reset and is now, essentially, resorted to ineffectual action. if you're vladimir putin why wouldn't you continue? >> do we understand vladimir putin and his motivations better than we understand those of our own president? >> vladimir putin is -- it's power and mrimts. he's interested in expanding russian power and, as a result what we've failed to do is we've failed to read the intentions of vladimir putin, of the supreme leader of iran, of asass the president of syria. these are hard men. these are brutal men and they have a very clear sense of their country's national interests and are certainly playing to our weaknesses, playing to our need
5:35 am
for compromise and for rashlty and, unfortunately, we are losing and this is a significant price for american national security. >> the fallout continues. the lift if you can call it that. it's a yawning chasm that has groan up between netanyahu and obama. luckily the american people and the israelis remain close. explain to us the role of this one organization the v-15 group and israel and how the administration allegedly used them to intrude far more than we have suspected into the elections. >> the u.s. military has a slogan, no better friend, no worse enemy. unfortunately under this president, we've essentially flipped that on its head. i think with respect to israel which is obviously our closest ally, our most loyal ally in the
5:36 am
middle east and a model of democracy and a country that's willing to fight and defend itself doesn't ask americans to send american boys and girls over there to defend the jewish state, we now see this terrible relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. and it sounds like president obama was committed to the defeat of the prime minister and it sounds like allegations that money was being spend, funding was being provided in order to facilitate that defeat. >> it's an interesting list of so-called partners for one voice. it includes labored friends of palestine in the middle east, british seculars and the christian and muslim forum. these are -- this is an interesting list. it just doesn't really answer whose interests are being pursued here. >> it's a very troubling issue. i mean, there seems to have been
5:37 am
clear and blatant interference in the israeli election. i think what is missing here, regardless of who won that election, whether it was benjamin netanyahu, the 4re69 the labor party, the fact of the matter is israelis are united in their fear of a nuclear armed iran, they're united in their fear of the fact that iranian proxies have encircled them are on every border and that the middle east is in flames and at the time when the middle east is in flames and we should be providing our support to our closest ally, they see that the white house does not have their back. >> mark we thank you for being with us. we appreciate it as always. appreciate your input. >> thank you for having me. >> turning to the race for 2016, hillary clinton stumbles again and she's accused of lying. earlier this month the former secretary of state insisted the american public didn't need to worry their heads about her use of hr private server for state department government e-mails or the fact that the state
5:38 am
department didn't keep records of her e-mails or the fact that she has destroyed thousands upon thousands of her e-mails including e-mails with her aides. don't worry, she said, and she stated categorically that her e-mails to her aides were captured and retained on government servers. here she is. >> it was my practice to e-mail government officials on their state or other dot gov accounts so that the e-mails were captured and preserved. >> but the problem is, her statement is false. according to the "new york times," mrs. clinton's top aides used their personal e-mail accounts to communicate with her about state department matters and issues. congress has subpoenaed now about a dozen people who worked in her state department and the hillary clinton mess gets, well messier. we're coming right back. stay with us.
5:39 am
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new government figures show a new wave of illegal immigrant crossings is straining our southern border again. according to the u.s. border patrol nearly 13,000 illegal immigrants under the age of 18 have crossed since october. that makes the new wave of illegal immigration the second biggest surge in this country's history following last year's unprecedented crisis of so-called unaccompanyied children from central america some 100,000 crossing the border. the "new york times" joined "the washington post," admitting that the hands up don't shoot was all built on a lie. public editor margaret sullivan of the times previously criticized the paper's dubious equivalency by including anonymous sources vindicating officer wilson alongside named witnesses who claim michael brown was shot while surrendering. sullivan backtracked writing
5:44 am
this, in retrospect, it's clear to me that including that information wasn't false balance, it was an effort to give both sides. what i wrote was substantially flawed. at the time that amounts to a correction. joining me now milwaukee county sheriff david clark. sheriff, great to have you here. >> thanks. pleasure to be with you. >> what do you make of first "the washington post" one of its leading reporters and then the editorial board admitting that the hands up don't shoot was all based on a lie? and then the times following in quick succession. >> well, the liberal mainstream media got caught up in the hype. they got their kicks in at the ferguson police department. officer darren wilson and police officers nationwide and that whole thing it was a shameful period of time for the media who is supposed to -- you know, they have a responsibility under the first amendment to get to the truth and to kind of be neutral in these things.
5:45 am
instead, they became a wholly owned subsidiary of the crop. >> and it's a shame because this administration has it seems to be been effectively the leader of the anti-law enforcement efforts that were moving the country from august of last year through at least january of this year. then there was -- seemed a pause. who do you think we are right now with the administration, this left wing assault on law enforcement in this country? has it abated? >> well, i don't know if we're at that point yet but i feel that we're betting this curve back in the direction in favor of the american police officer. lou, we've been all over the country, radio, television, visiting different cities. we've always enjoyed the overwhelming support of law-abiding people in our communities nationwide. that doesn't come out that much but it's starting to. people are starting to become more vocal. the who appreciate the work of the men and women who put on this uniform every day
5:46 am
and go out and serve their communities. we're starting to hear from them more and that's starting to balance this page that we've heard over the last couple of months. >> as i listened to some of the language by this president, and some of the things hay said, i find myself wondering what must he be thinking? to talk that way about law enforcement officers, to talk about distrust of people in different color, he is sort of talking about race by not being bold as attorney general holder would have suggested, but rather by skirting at the edges and the margin and really carrying sort of a -- message of his own. and i find that appall approximating. >> so do i. but he's the president of the united states and has been successful with this divide and conquer political strategy that he's engaged in. it's won him two elections electoral majorities and two presidential elections. he's pitted men against women in
5:47 am
this fictitious war against women he's pitted blacks against whites the rich against poor, and he's been successful with it. so i wasn't surprised, i was disgusted that he would do that at a point in time when race relations have improved. anybody who would say they haven't not dealing with reality. do we have a long way to go? of course. we can always get better in that area. but when we open the wound like he did he actually said that he thought the racial discord was healthy for america. i was stunned by that statement. >> especially for a man who -- whose very presence in the oval office depends on the fact that he had talked about being a uniter, not a divider. a man who talked about our commonalities instead of our differents and then becomes an entirely different being once he assumed the office. >> well, that is what is so striking about this whole thing.
5:48 am
the first avenue can american president he occupies the highest office in the land and he's going to talk about how we still have so far to go? i just found it, you know unfortunate, really. but i got tired of them laying these american ghettos at the foot of the american law enforcement officer and i just thought that it was important for me, you know, for their psyche the cop that goes out every day to continue to want to do this thing. >> yeah. i just want to ask you very quickly as we wrap up here a team of justice department lawyers are going to ferguson soon to help decide whether to reform the police department. we've heard from the administration they basically want to disband it. your thoughts? >> well, what we ought to disband is the policies and amaladies that make up the american go aheado. the federal government has done enough damage in ferguson and i wish they would just stay out of there. >> thank you lou. >> always good to talk with you.
5:49 am
the mean extremestream media isn't reporting what some call the christian holocaust. radicalists responsible. the author of "defying isis," johnny moore, joins us next. isis bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your daydreams your ah-has, your easier-said-than-dones. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. bring us your need-it-done-yesterdays. your impracticals, your how-do-we-do-thats, impossibles, your what-do-we-do-nows, downright inaccessibles. bring us those things you're not sure how to pull off - and you're even less sure who to ask. because we're in the pushing- what's-possible business. the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business.
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best fuel economy of any half-ton pickup. get more facts at released and he was. the islamic state destroying an ancient christian mon staer dating back to the 14th century.
5:53 am
explosives were used to blow up the ancient building reducing it to rubble. the islamic state trying to destroy all traces of christianity in the region. vandalizing crosses, defacing religious artifacts as the war bears on. christian villages have been emptied just a matter of weeks ago. 300 christians were taken hostage by the islamic state in northern syria. my next guests were, in fact witnessing a genocide. the author of the new book defying isis, christianity in the place of its birth. available on kindle right now available in bookstores as a paper back on the 21st of april. johnny, good to have you with us. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> it's great to have you. is it your few that radical islamists now are moving to a different level of violence, focusing on christians and
5:54 am
indeed their architecture and their history and their culture and heritage as well in the region? >> yeah. i mean, actually what we saw happen today with the destruction of this fourth century monastery is just evidence that there aren't any christians left to get rid of. so now they're doing this cultural jihad. so they run everybody out, they've killed everyone, now they're just getting rid of every trace of them. so my opinion that there's this christian genocide or holocaust happening in the middle east isn't just my opinion. the united nations two days ago released a report saying isis is guilty of this. genocide, war crimes they're doing it all and they've been doing it a long time and we're only just now paying attention. >> and why is the united nations not taking steps decrying jihad decrying the islamic state and all radical islamists, al qaeda participating in this as well. certainly the muslim
5:55 am
brotherhood. why would the united nations not do more? why would world leaders not step up and speak certainly louder, stronger? >> i think it's everything. i think it's the united states. i think it's the european powers. i think no one is taking this threat seriously enough. this is why we're in the situation we're in in the first place. let me ask you a question, lou. and how is it that just two weeks ago we had a 40-vehicle convoy a clearly marked vehicle, isis vehicles going through ten unarmed christian villages on the river in syria and there was no problem, but they weren't bombed, they weren't attacked they weren't repelled, they kidnapped 300 christians, they took them back to the place where -- since then. we have no idea what happened to them. why are we doing between 7 and 12 air strikes a day in syria when during the bosnia conflict we were doing 140 a day? >> and you certainly have asked
5:56 am
the question. do you have the answer? >> well, i think we're in the state of denial. i think to this day we still think that isis is sort of the jv team. i really think that we -- >> when you say jv johnnie. the president said that. i don't know what he believes but he said it. i haven't talked with a military leader, either in current service to the country or retired general or colonel amongst the most intelligent military strategists we have, none of them are taking it lightly. all of europe seems to be. but our military is not. and it is very clear. what is the islamic state representative? it also has been very clear about what iran represents. and while it's carrying out the islamic state, it's carrying out these atrocities, iran is expending its reach and its power and its dominion through north africa as well as the
5:57 am
middle east. >> yeah. i mean, what's happening in tikrit right now isn't a coalition supported attempt to take that city back from isis. it's an iranian supported attempt supported by two shiite militias on the american terrorist watch list. and you know what the worst part of it is. the innocent lives that are in the past. i wrote my book because when i went to iraq, i heard the stories of men, women and children that have been through the worst possible things you can imagine. one couple whose 3-year-old do you remember was stolen by isis one lady who told me isis arrived in their villages and they started saying where are the christians? should we behead the women or children or elderly first -- >> what you do if you can not stir emotions with the beheadings in people irrespective of their religion, and i understand we're talking about the christian holocaust here but what the islamic state represents is the basis
5:58 am
barbarity that one can imagine. but there is an argument that transcends certainly the islamic state and leads one to focus primarily on any reasonable person, i would say, who understands the middle east who understands radical islamists ideology and motivation to focus squarely on iran. >> well, you know i think we really need to do three things. you know i'm not a member of government. most of the people watching this aren't members of government. but what we can do as individual citizens is we can educate ourselves on what's happening. we can provide humanitarian assistance for those who are in harm's way. isis wins, anyhow. and thirdly, it's time we put pressure on people of power in this country and in every country of the world. and you know, to your point earlier, i'm totally perplexed myself as to why we're not doing more because everybody knows what is happening. we don't know the whole story. but i'll tell you what changes,
5:59 am
when people start raising their voices and caring and calling the right people and putting it right pressure on and even tonight, talking about this on prime time television, this makes the difference. we all have a voice, just like isis is using this propaganda war for their agenda, we ought to use twitter and e-mails and phone calls and we can defy isis by raising our own voices. >> johnnie moore thank you so much. we sure to check out his book, "defying isis." it will be available on the 21st as well, through paper back. thank you again. barb tweeted me to say this entire thing is making me sick. this has to end. well, we had about 18 more months or so. hane wrote anyone remember john kerry in vietnam? why would you think he's changed? i think that's an extraordinary point. mrs. dehoff e-mailing me to say
6:00 am
i am so proud of prime minister netanyahu speaking the truth and the people of israel for understanding that the deal with iran is in direct conflict with their survival. that's it for us tonight. join us here tomorrow from new york. . neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and it is a story of the week that continues to leave all other stories in its wake. a plane crash a suicide pilot a frantic captain. 144 terrified passengers and 5 crew members can you hear screaming on tape knowing the end is near. maybe because we all fly, maybe because of 9/11. maybe because of so many scary sky incidents since. what happens up there grips us all down here. why terrorists are targeting planes and why authorities keep beefing up security measures for those planes. when something like this happen, everybody stops if for no other reason than to consider the ran


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